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Clarinet Duet with optional Penny Whistle, Bass Clarinet, and Bodhran Drum

Clarinet Duet with optional Drum Part

Clarinet Trio with Kalimbas and Electric Bass

(with optional Piano (to replace Kalimbas) & Bass Clarinet (to replace Bass)

Clarinet Quartet / Clarinet Duet / Clarinet Solo (with optional Piano)

Sheet Music to this piece is available only on

(purchases of our music from Jellynote help support our educational endeavors)

for Aztec Clay Flute & Clarinets

(with other playing options)

for Native American Flute & Clarinet

(with other options)

for Steel Drum & Clarinet

(with optional Piano Accompaniment)

for Log Drum & Clarinet

(with optional Rhythmic Part)

for Clarinet & Lyre

(with optional Piano Accompaniment)

for Clarinet & Mountain Dulcimer

(with alternate Piano Accompaniment)

for Clarinet & Mandolin

(with alternate Piano Accompaniment)

for Clarinet Quartet

-- 2 Clarinets with reeds

-- 2 Clarinets without reeds

for Clarinet & Harmonicas

(with alternate Piano accompaniment)

for Clarinet & Chimalong

(Chimalong part can be played on Piano)

for Clarinet & Melodica

(Melodica part can be played on Piano)

Older Files No Longer Available

Apologies YouTubers

Our Website had to be completely redone. I have restored many of the files for the past 3 years,

but there are just too many for me to restore them all, so most of the older files are not here.

If there is a particular file you came here for that you really wanted, contact me,

and I will see if I can locate it in my archives and get it to you.