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A Note Identification Game

In the style of "Dominoes," players match images of

notes with their corresponding letters

"The Music Staff Game"

A Note Reading Game

Players pick a card and move on the board to the closest note of the letter indicated on the card. Cards will indicate a forward move or a backward move.

"Carols at the Spinet"

A Christmas Carol Game

Visit The Christmas Page for more Info and to Download!

"The Piano Game"

A Piano Note Finding Game

Requires a Keyboard or Piano to play (you could also use a large picture of the piano keys). Players roll a dice to move and land on a Note Square or a Letter Square. Note square = Note Card (place the note card on the matching key of the piano). Letter Square = Letter Card (place the letter card on the matching key of the piano.

"The Composing Game"

A Note Writing Game

Players roll a dice that has music notes on it and move according to the number of beats shown on the music notes. Players then take the letter of the note they landed on and the note value on the dice and write the note on the Worksheet. Players must complete the music on the worksheet and reach the end of the board game in order to win.