Guitar / Ukulele / Elec. Bass

Saturdays at 11am at the Denbigh Community Center

9/8/20231 min read

Welcome to Guitar, Ukulele, or Electric Bass - updated 9/8/23 - class starts October 7

Accompaniment Videos are Below

It's almost time to begin our musical journey! Please note that rentals are available: $20 for Guitars and Ukuleles; $25 for Electric Bass.

IMPORTANT: if you want a rental please contact me before the start of class ( to make arrangements.

Electric Bass Rentals: Electric Bass is new to this class this session. As a result, the rentals will have to be ordered. If you do not inform me that you need a Bass Rental at least 5 days before class starts, I cannot guarantee that we will have it for the first class.

"Mary Had a Little Lamb"

"Hot Cross Buns"

"Au Claire De La Lune"

"Roly Poly"

"First Guitar Lesson Blues"

"First Ukulele Lesson Blues"

"First Bass Lesson Blues"

"I Have to Practice Blues"


"I Have to Practice Blues"


"Guitar Class Blues"

"Ukulele Class Blues"

"I Have to Practice Blues"


"Bass Class Blues