Piano Adventures Junior

Saturdays at 10am at the Denbigh Community Center

9/8/20231 min read

Welcome to Piano Adventures Junior - Updated 9/8/2023 (class starts October 7th)

(Accompaniment Videos are below)

Hope you are excited to begin your musical journey!

Here I will record what we cover in class and what should be practiced. Check back 24 to 48 hours after class ends.

"Play on 2 Black Keys"

"Play on 2 High Black Keys"

"Play on 2 Low Black Keys"

"Play 2 3 2 3"

"Play 3 2 3 2"

"Play 2 2 3 3"

"Play 2 2 2 3"

"D is for Dog"

"Going Down"

"Let's Have Fun"

"Up and Down"

"C D C D"

"C C D D"

"C C D E"

"Go Train Go!"

"Going to the Play Ground"