A novel by J. K. Auberg

When belief in Santa Clause faded, so did the power that supports the North Pole. As a result, Santi Clause was unable to return after his Christmas run, and the North Pole workshop has to be abandoned. Now his elves and other helpers are hidden around the world trying to blend in, pretending to be children. Then one day a small airplane crashes at the North Pole, leaving an artic scientist and his daughter to explore the strange hidden buildings they've discovered. Can a single girl's belief in Santa Clause be enough to save the day?

Name Changed to "A Bunny Named 'Bear' and the Piano Maker"

A Children's Story by J. K. Auberg (illustrations also by J. K. Auberg)

Bear is a bunny with a lot of questions that weren't getting any answers.

The Piano Maker is a rabbit with a big job. He has to build a giant piano for the town.

When Bear meets the Piano Maker, her questions may finally get answered as she learns about Science.

A Novel by by J. K. Auberg

In the ancient days, several humans were chosen and bestowed with special gifts to track and rid the earth of the worst of the Demons. Now, ages later, one Hunter remains, the only one who hasn't captured his target. With centuries behind him, he is losing his confidence. Can he finally capture his Demon and fulfill his quest or will love get in the way?

A Novel by by J. K. Auberg

Are aliens real? On a futuristic Earth they don't thinks so, but they might just be about to find out how wrong they are. The story is told through the eyes of a simple cargo pilot, but then not everything is as it seems.