Basic Ukulele Chords

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To read the Ukulele Chord Chart:

1) The four vertical lines represent the four strings

2) The left line represents the G string (look at the Ukulele head on with the strings facing you and it will match the chart)

3) The right line represents the A string

4) The horizontal lines are the frets (the bars that go across the neck of the ukulele)

5) The black dots indicate where to place your fingers

6) The white dots indicate open strings (no fingers down)

7) The "X" means don't play that string

8) "Bar" (which has a curved line at the top) means to place your pointer finger over all the strings on that fret and then finger the dots underneath.

Practice Charts

There are two styles of fun practice charts here. One is a "Board Game" Practice Chart where you go through the game by marking off the minutes you practice. The other one is a "Color by Number" Practice Chart where you color a section the indicated color each time you practice.