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Here you will find information each weeks on what was covered in class and what you should be practicing.

Mr. Jamie (instructor)

9/8/20231 min read

Hello. My name is Mr. Jamie, and I want to welcome you to the Class Blog.

Practice: If you are in a music class, you need to know that daily practice is essential for the successful learning of an instrument.

1) A little practice each day is better than a lot of practice on just one or two days.

2) It's best to set aside a specific, consistent time to practice each day (more than likely you already do this with your homework). I recommend making practice part of your homework routine.

3) Quality of practice is more important than quantity.

The Three Rules of Good Practice:

1) Play it Slow: Always start learning a song slow. After learning it you can speed it up, but don't go faster than the song should go!

2) Play it Right: The reason to practice a song slow it to be sure that you are practicing it correctly. Don't practice it wrong!

3) Play it Over and Over: The definition of "Practice" is to do something over and over with the goal of getting better at it. Playing a song one time is not practicing.

*** Review: Although this is not part of the three rules, it is very important. Don't ignore what you've already learned! Play through the songs you know so you don't forget them. I recommend starting at the beginning of the book and playing through all the songs up to your new ones. The new ones, of course, need to be practiced over and over.